In 1987 Construcciones B.SOLÍS was founded as a Spanish company devoted to building. Ever since, it has been growing and operating under a philosophy based on three pillars: commitment, quality and guarantee.

At B.SOLÍS we never forget that we’re a service company where the product cannot be assessed until it’s finished and delivered. We strive to provide a personal customer service and an impeccable post-sales guarantee.

In 2008, we were awarded a certification for our Quality Assurance System that improves the running of the company. After this success we decided to reach higher commitment levels with our environment and workers.

Founded in Marbella in 1987, B.SOLÍS is the leading building company in Costa del Sol and it’s a point of reference for its industry in Malaga and its neighbouring regions. Our geographical leadership in a prime tourist destination worldwide.


Below is a list of our most significant and current work. Click on them to open the details of each building work.
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